DENO partners with schools and universities to enhance educational cooperation and innovation between the United States and China. We do this by developing international language programs in China, facilitating partnerships with Chinese educational institutions and building relationships with key education and government officials, thus fostering communication and providing a cultural bridge for all participants. Partnerships may be comprised of short and long-term collaborative certificate and degree programs, online classes, and professional development and training exchanges.

DENO's successful partnerships include:

  1. Saint Mark’s High School partner school agreement with Hanjiang Experimental School;

  2. Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School partner school agreement with Cuigang Middle School in Yangzhou, China;

  3. Campus Philly agreement with DENO’s association in Yangzhou, China to show their commitment to the economic and educational development partnership between the cultural heritage cities of Yangzhou and Philadelphia;

  4. DENO led a team of representatives from Drexel University to China, and facilitated the partnership between Drexel and Yangzhou University for further collaborative programs;

  5. DENO arranged an academic tour for representatives from Cabrini University in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou, and facilitated strategic partnerships with the Chinese government and several higher education institutions. Currently, Cabrini is negotiating a nursing program with its Chinese partners;

  6. DENO arranged for representatives from Widener University to visit China where they established partnerships with a variety of educational institutions. Currently, Widener is discussing a joint hospitality program with its Chinese partners;

  7. DENO started an annual routine of China recruitment trips for our educational partners including Valley Forge Military Academy and College, Cardinal O’Hara High School and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education;

  8. Since 2015, DENO has been organizing educational summer camps for different groups, serving more than 300 students and teachers from China;

  9. Hosting Chinese high school students throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area;

  10. DENO has established relationships with more than 20 secondary schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Harrisburg/Central Pennsylvania, and China. We continue to develop new initiatives to benefit the students and staff from all of our partners.