We provide our students programs and services that will enable them to reach their
academic, career, and life goals.Student services include:

Host Family Programs

Host Family Programs

  • Comfortable homestay with loving family members
  • Breakfast and dinner provided during school days
  • Three meals provided during weekends and holidays
  • Pick-ups services
  • Cultural and family activities
After-school Academic Program

After-school Academic Programs

  • Daily tailored ESL classes
  • Weekly TOEFL, SAT, and ACT classes
  • Monthly college prep workshops
  • Individualized career evaluation programs
  • Specialty development programs
  • One-on-one homework tutoring
  • Daily and weekend academic and college prep classes
  • Close monitoring of student grades and progress
  • Collaboration between school teachers,
    administrators, and parents
After-school Academic Program

Cultural and Extracurricular Programs

  • Intensive English language and American culture classes
  • Short and long-term cultural and historical field trips
  • American holiday field trips
  • Social and cultural activities
  • YMCA membership – promotion of fitness and health
  • Community service programs