The name DENO comes from the Chinese characters for “integrity” and “to promise.” This epitomizes our commitment to fulfill our promise to assist each student in achieving his or her goals. We do so passionately and with the highest degree of integrity. With a holistic approach to supporting students, DENO provides comprehensive academic programs, residential life services, cultural enrichment camps and experiences, and other student support services. Additionally, DENO partners with schools and universities to facilitate educational collaboration and innovation between the United States and China. We assist educational institutions in the United States in recruiting international students, reaching into the Chinese market and beyond. We also arrange short-term, student and educator camps and school visits for educational and cultural enrichment.

An unrelenting focus on student success

Our Vision

To serve as a global leader in collaborative educational and cultural experiences for students and educators.

Our Core Values

Integrity - We uphold the highest moral principles.
Commitment - We achieve what we set out to achieve.
Excellence – We are relentless in our pursuit of quality.
Collaboration – We know that synergy is greatest among partners.
Friendship – We value genuine relationships.