Greetings Friends!

We are pleased to introduce you to the DENO team! Our team shares a common commitment to student success. We believe that success is best accomplished through synergistic collaboration with our partners. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is matched only by our commitment to our students and to our partnering institutions and organizations.

Be it traditional matriculation, short-term immersion programs, teacher training or an individually crafted program, our staff works closely with you to ensure that your goals are accomplished and your needs are met. At DENO, we value meaningful and lasting relationships with our partners that inevitably lead to the best possible experiences for students and educators alike.

Team Members

Susan Zhang


Tom Fertal

Vice President

Principal of Saint Mark‘s High School
Melissa Hunter

Senior Counselor

University of Pennsylvania School of Education
Dr. Peter Loedel

Senior Consultant

Professor at West Chester University
Vivian Han

Executive Director

Gloria Li

Head of Planning and Strategy

Eddy Hu

Head of Student Affairs